Advantages of online advertising

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Online advertising

online-dvert-content-3Advertising on the Internet is nowadays used by everyone – from small and medium companies to large international corporations and public institutions. This form of advertising is popular primarily because it is simple, fast and efficient, and considering the high number of Internet users, it is very likely to reach the target audience and create new customers. Online advertising has many advantages, and in this article some of them will be presented.

1.Ease of use and development – creating an Internet ad does not require an expert to create and publish it. Certainly, you may need to consult a marketing expert in order to come up with the best possible idea, but when it comes to creating an ad, it can be done by almost everyone. There are plenty of websites that allow you to create banners for advertising your business on other websites, blogs, social networks and forums. You can design the banner yourself, add the link to your website and easily post the banner anywhere you want it to be seen.

user-group-icon2.Reaching many users all over the world – as mentioned above, the internet is nowadays widely accessible and there are many Internet users around the globe. Not only that creating Internet ads can help you reach the target audience more easily than any form of traditional ad, but it can also bring you customers from all over the world. If you own a business and you want to spread it on international market, there is no better way of advertising than creating online ads.

3.Cost-effective advertising – many banner-creating websites can be used free of charge. Also, adding a banner to your social network or blog pages is completely free of charge. If you want to add a banner to someone else’s website or blog, they may charge you, but it is still much cheaper than paying for a traditional TV ad which has no potential of bringing you international customers. There are companies specialized for creating and distributing online ads and many of them do not charge you in advance, but only when the potential customers click on the advertisement.


4.Aiming at target-audience – another advantage of online ads is that can reach the specific audience that would be interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you create a banner and post it online, it will not be posted on random websites. You will put it on your social network pages, on forums related to the topic in relation to your business, and on websites and blogs that attract the same target audience that you need as your customers. You can add the banner to the forum or email signature, which is also an effective way of catching the potential customers’ attention.

5.Advertising in accordance with the needs – online advertising allows you promoting any kind of business and for any purpose. You may need to increase visits to your website, to inform the public about your new brand, product or service, to announce the sale and much more – online advertising allows you to create an ad that will fit any need your business has at the given moment.

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Basics of traffic generation

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After you have carefully planned your website and paid for a domain and a person or people to bring your ideas to life, it is time to take the next step – traffic generation. No matter how neat-looking, informative  and well designed your website is, it does not have any purpose if it has no visitors, and this is when traffic generation techniques come on the scene.

Traffic Generation Tutorial

Traffic generation means attracting Internet users and potential customers to your website, and it can roughly be divided into two categories: targeted (quality) traffic and click through (quantity) traffic. Quality traffic involves specifying keywords of your website content that will be connected with the users’ searches o search engines. This way, users searching for specific products or services will be guided to your website.

2913f22Quantity traffic is also intended for target audience, but it uses different approach. It involves advertising on other websites, blogs or forums of similar niche as yours, so that the visitors of those websites can see your ad and possibly find it interesting. After clicking on your ad, the users are directed to your website. Quality traffic can be considered as active, because the users are actively searching for the products or services that they can find on your websites, and they are directed to it after the search they conduct themselves. Quantity traffic can be considered passive, and it is considered to be “cold market”, because in this instance the users find out about your website even if they are not set out to find anything specific.


Depending on your preferences and needs, you may decide to opt for only one or both of these principles. Traffic generation techniques are various, there are some that are already considered as standard, but new way of traffic generation constantly emerge, because this discipline does not only require knowledge in marketing, but also lots of creativity and thinking outside the box. Some of the most used traffic generation techniques are:

Relevant content – as mentioned above, your website content should contain specific keywords that will help people searching for these terms reach your website. When you want to achieve quality traffic generation, this is something that will be a must when creating a website content.

Online advertising – online advertising is crucial for business growth, since there are billions of Internet users all over the world. You can use different methods of online advertising – banners, pop-up windows, YouTube ads etc. in order to reach potential customers by using the quantity traffic generation.

Various guerrilla marketing strategies – just like traditional advertising, guerrilla marketing can also generate more traffic on your website. The techniques you can apply are numerous, they are usually cheaper than traditional advertising, and they depend on your imagination and creativity.

Guest blogging – guest blogging is one of the very popular ways of reaching new visitors on the website, especially if you run a blog. It is convenient for bloggers who do not have many visitors to get connected to bloggers who have developed a wide network of visitors, and write content for their blog. This way, a much wider audience will be able to reach your website and pay a visit to it.

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How to create a successful solo ad

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Solo Ads

Solo ads can be a very fruitful way of gaining new customers, website visiotrs or subscribers. If you find a solo ad seller involved in the same area like you, with a lot of subscribers or followers, you may get a very large list of potential new clients. However, it is not enough only to have a large list, but your solo ad needs to be created so that it makes people interested and actually attracts them to explore and eventually buy what you are offering.

In order to create a successful solo ad, here are some steps you need to follow:

Determine your target audience – no ad will be successful if it is not aimed at specific audience, and it is the same with solo ads. When you choose the list provider and compose the ad’s text, you need to be aware of the target group you want your ad to hit.Target-Audience

Do not foget to test the solo ad – it is wrong to ent the ad to all the people on the list at once, because you do not know whether the ad will achieve the desired effect and bring the expected results. Instead, test the ad on a small sample of people, see how many has responded, and if you are satisfied with the response, proceed to sending the ad to the rest of the list.

Make an interesting, attention-capturing solo ad – people are flooded by information nowadays, so it is very difficult to stand out and capture someone’s attention. If you send a solo ad that is dill and created by common patterns, people may read it, but they will forget about it in a matter of seconds. This is why you need to create a unique, attention-grabbing solo ad that will arouse interest in people and make them want to see more.timthumb

Have a simple squeeze page – it is a very common mistake that people cram the sqzueeze page with details and additional offers. Instead of doing this, create a very clean and simple page without any distractions, in order to achieve the goal and make the users subscribe without getting distracted before they do so.

Include a call for action – we ca say that this is perhaps the most important factor of a solo ad. If you create an ad that gives information but does not make people act upon it, you fail at achieving your goal. Instead, create a call for action in your solo ad, which is the way to make people actively participate.

For more information on how to write a solo ad visit this article.

Solo Ads

Build a relationship – making people trust you and building a relationship through your solo ad is one of the strategies to attract many new people. Creating a sterile, formal ad will definitely not help you reach your goal, and it can even be repulsive. Make a solo ad that somehow addresses people, compose it in a warm and friendly tone, and you will see that the results of the ad will be much better. This post is sponsored by solo ads agency, the #1 source of done for you solo ads for the home business industry.

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